Thursday, May 27, 2010

Graduation Day!

It is finally here! I know you thought I would have a photo of the graduating girl, but not yet as she does not actually graduate till tonight. Those photos will come later. Today I am focusing on all that I have been doing leading up to today. Working on lots of projects for my daughter's grad party. All the decor was handmade. As much work as it was to make, it also brought me joy! I love that I can make beautiful things out of nothing. Here are so pre photos, just of the stuff piled in the dining room getting ready for its journey!

Please ignore the other stuff in the picture, like my dining room centerpiece! I didn't remove it while I was working on things...just piled stuff on the table as I would finish it. It will feel good to get all of this packed up and moved to the party site, the sad news is I have to bring it back here to store it, no idea where it will all go! Some of it will find a home with a friend, the big blue bucket is hers, she let me borrow a few of them and all the centerpieces, I just made minor adjustments to them so they would match the party colors. My daughter wanted bright, fun colors to match her personality. She got them, pink, purple, yellow, orange, lime green, and turquoise. She also loves Gerbera daisies so on all the centerpieces they have ribon and daisies. The photo picture is buckets of flowers and pictures for the display table, I have tons of framed photos and those buckets to be on display...also I have 2 scrapbooks one from all 10 years of cheerleading and the other is from homecoming one year...been working on a high school album, but I did not finish it...maybe before she leaves for college I will have it done. I also made some banners, one that says congratulations Miranda and class of 2010. These kinds of things make me happy, seeing it all come together. Can't wait for tonight! We are expecting about 60 to 70 people! Lots of friends and family coming to celebrate with us! My heart is so full!

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Jane said...

Excellent...have a wonderful Day!! and congrats to DD!!