Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's been a long week, so glad for the weekend!

I feel like this week has been like an entire year! I didn't get a single day off, not that I am complaining but really my regular days off were spent at a meeting or class for work! Finally tomorrow I get my first real day off in over 2 weeks, think I might stay in my pajamas all day!
Here are my last few layouts I have done over the past several weeks...haven't done anything new lately, just not feeling the creative juices flowing, hoping that tonight that will change since a friend is coming over to make cards.
I am going to see the hand doctor on Monday to final get my MRI read and surgery for my hand scheduled, don't know if I shared with my blog friends but I have a cyst on the palm of my hand at the base of my ring finger, it has been causing me discomfort and pain for a long time, so finally I had it checked out and the result is surgery. I am not so happy about the surgery because I will be out of work for several weeks, but I am hoping good results from the surgery! That is why I need to get myself motivated to get crafty while I can!!! After surgery I will be out of commission for at least 3 weeks!~ Yikes!
In other news fall football season has started for the high school, this is my daughters last year! I am so glad to say I will be going to my last football games ever! Ok, I know I have a son but his interest is not in sports so don't think we will be going to many games during his high school days! Needless to say our team did not win our first game, we came overtime the score was 28 to 21. I did come home with my allergies bothering me and a hoarse voice, woke up today feeling pretty yucky, worked all day and still feeling pretty yucky, took lots of allergy meds hoping for the best!
Going to rest for a while, then off to dinner with the family, then maybe some craft time!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Can you believe it

I know this is hard to believe but I am posting again, several times in one week is amazing for me! I just have so many new things to share and wanted to get it all posted so I don't forget! Of course when I post on a daily basis not much is going on and I don't have a lot to share. I worked yesterday, we are hitting are slow time so I didn't have much to do, which is good for me but not so good for the wallet! Oh well!Here are a few more of my latest creations to share:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

As promised I am posting more of my latest projects. I feel that I am going to be super busy over the next few days, not sure why just have a lot to get done for cheerleading and is the beginning of the school year and everyone seems to have the buzz. Anyway this post is short and sweet but you get the point I am just showing off my latest!
Sorry I don't have time for more chit chat, but life is happening and as always I am to steps behind!

Monday, August 17, 2009

What have I been doing lately?

Well I am finally at a place where I can start sharing all of my latest creations...I know it has been so long since I have posted anything crafty, what like a month or more???? I just can't seem to find the extra time to blog on a daily basis, too many other deadlines, activities, household chores, and work. So I just squeeze one in every week or so, that is as good as it is going to get for now! Of course I just got news that I will be having surgery on my hand i
n a month or so, then I will have a bit of free time on my hands so I could post on a daily basis, but I will probably have limited access because my hand will be healing so no typing with that hand, one handed typing...boy I will be slow! I can't wait for the surgery because I have had terrible pain in my hand for a long time, several years and I noticed a couple of weeks ago there
was a lump or hard spot on the palm of my left hand(i am left handed) anyway the pain has progressively gotten worse until now it goes numb and I drop things that are in my hand, tried
pain pills, anti-inflammatory meds, hot pack, cold relieve. So I went to an ortho hand specialist and I have a tumor/cyst that needs to be removed. All hopes is that it will come back normal and will take about 3 weeks to heal after surgery. This means I will not be working at the hair salon for a while (i am so sad, I love my job), nor will I be crafting for at least the first 2 weeks and then therapy for a week after and possibly several more weeks, depending on how well I am healing. I will end up with a scar on the palm of my hand about 2 inches in length, that is okay as long as the pain is gone. I am so sick of dealing with it. Anyway didn't mean to go off on a tangent, but this is my life something always happening!
Here are a few of my latest creations, finally! The first 2 are shower gifts I have made for a baby shower I am hosting next weekend...I love the little banner and the cupcake picks, they are going to look so cute once I make the cupcakes!
The next 2 layouts are 6x12 Teresa Collins Family matters collection. This was the first time I have ever done this size scrapbook page and I totally loved it! It was neat to do a different size and add some elements to the page that require opening things up. I am so in love with Teresa Collins products, her colors just go with everything, they are so verstaile and easy to use...I have more stuff coming soon to show that I made from her line.

So that is all for now, but no worries I will be back with lots to share!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Nothing crafty for me to show today...I just wanted to write a post so that time would not pass without me keeping up. Went on a date with hubby last night, had a great time. We went to Wild Bill's (not my most favorite place) to see a Bon Jovi tribute band called Slippery When Wet, they were pretty good and I love me some Bon Jovi, so overall it was a good time! We just never get out that often so it is always fun to take some time for us!
Working today, then off to a picnic, and then tomorrow is cheer pictures...busy, busy next couple of days!
Hoping to have more photos to share soon...until next time!