Friday, April 30, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

I see the light! I do see it! I can't believe that I am on the countdown to my daughter's prom. I took on a very adventurous project this year for my daughter's prom. We bought a beautiful plain peacock colored gown and I decided to bead it. I have been working on this dress for several weeks now and have finally come to the last 3 inches of beading, the prom is tomorrow. I will be frantically working today to finish the last bit and then hem the dress. I am so proud of the work that I have done, but man was this a bigger project than I thought! It didn't help that I was procrastinating it! It seems like that is what I do lately when I have any project looming over me, I wait until the last minute and run around frantically trying to get it done. I should learn from this that it just makes me too crazy to wait, just do a little daily and their will be no anxiety the week before the deadline! If only I would learn...
Here is just a sampling of what the beading looks like from the back of the dress. It is beaded all the way around to the front and over the shoulders, until the straps start pleading, then I did a decorative finish with the beads so that the pleading can be showcased. I am really happy with the results, but now I must go and finish...just a few short hours of beading to go. Gotta finish in time!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This week is a blur...

This marks my week of craziness! My daughter is performing in high school. She belongs to the choral program at the high school and I am the president of the booster club. We are putting on the 10th annual Peach Jam (a variety show) and it has been a busy week. I can't believe it is Sunday already. I feel like I just woke up Monday morning last week to start decorating the auditorium. We have already one show done and the last one to do today. I think I am tired because I worked all week and went to the school before or after work to get the other things done. I just felt that I have missed work lately for so many other things (like sick kids) that I didn't need to take off for this. Wish I would have rethought that decision, cause I am beyond exhausted!!! Except I did have one of my best days ever at work this weekend, kind of made up for my slow weeks lately.

I got no photos to share this week as I have not been creative...actually I have been but in different ways. I am always working like crazy to finish beading my daughter's prom dress, what was I thinking to do it by hand!!!! I sometimes surprise myself with how ambitious I really am...we have less than a week before prom, wish me luck!

Friday, April 16, 2010

My weekly post!

So I have decided that the best I can do is to write on my blog once a week. I would like to get to the point where I am posting at least 2 times a week, but for now I have to be happy with just once weekly till I can find some more time to post more. I feel that this week past by so quickly, it seems that the older I get the fast time flies!
I have been busy creating this week in between my sewing project. I decided to bead my daughter's prom dress this year. She has always wanted a really beaded dress and I think they cost too much money so I am doing the beading myself to save on the cost. Well it is not saving on the work! OMG! I did not realize how much time it takes to do the beading. I am only beading the top portion of the dress but am concerned that I will not get it done in time...I have 2 weeks left and I am not quite half finished! Yikes, gotta get my beading on and fast!!! I have also been juggling other projects like working on my daughter's senior album. I want it done by graduation so I have about 6 weeks left. Think I will put that down for the next 2 weeks so that the dress is priority. I have also been busy with birthdays, this month we have a million birthdays and I have been busy making cards for all my family and friends. It has been fun to make the cards, but has taken lots of time. Here are a few pictures to share of the cards and the scrapbook pages I made.
Used my cricut machine and the Celebrations cartridge to cut the candles and the scallop tag. The entire card is made using scraps. I am so proud of myself for digging through all my scraps and actually finding enough that matched to make the card!
I am using a collection of papers and embellishments for my daughter's album from Heidi Grace called "cheerful bee". I think it fits my daughter's bright and cheery personality so well. I have about 400 photos that I want to use for the album so I am going to make the pages a little simple so that I can get many photos on a page.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I am off work, but am doing hair for a wedding on Saturday, should be fun!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Don't be shocked!

I can't believe it myself, I am writing another post in the same week. I think this is the first time that this has ever happened. I just am trying to make an effort to get better at blogging and the only way that will happen is if I actually post something! I wanted to share my the only page that I made when I went to Archivers to scrap with some friends. We had a great time chatting but I was no productive! This is the first page I made for my daughter's album. I am making an album as a graduation gift and just started it. Should have been working on it for this entire school year, but I just was not motivated. Now I have only about 6 weeks to get it down and about 400 photos! Yikes! Think it might be more than one album...maybe 2 or 3!

I just love the journaling I did on the page. Things I wish I knew more about when I was younger, of course I am not sure that would have made a difference. You know when you are that age you think you know everything! I don't think that all the pages for my daughter's album will have so much journaling, cause it takes a lot of time...but I am going to try to make it very meaningful.
Today is our last fun day of Spring break, so I am taking the little man to the Georgia Aquarium. So excited! We have never been. I think it has been open for several years and just never got around to going, so finally I decided to make the trip. Should be a fun day just the 2 of us. I am sure I will take tons of pictures, I always do. Hopefully I will be able to blog about the trip. I know that would be totally shocking if I actually blogged another day this week!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mid week check in

Don't be too shocked, I am actually blogging again before another week has passed! LOL! I am really trying to find the time to sit down and type a post. It is the hardest thing I have to do. I thought that I loved to write and tell stories, but I am learning through this blog that I am really bad at it. Actually I suck! So all those thoughts of loving high school English were wrong, I guess I just fantasized that I actually liked writing!
So we are mid way through spring break and are having a nice week. Except for the fact that we are heading to the doctor this morning to check on a rash that has popped up on my son's body. We tried benadryl for the last 2 days but it is not helping, so I made an appt. I am suppose to work today, but I have no appts and since we needed to see the dr. I just said to call me if someone wants in today. Hopefully work will be busier the rest of the week., I could really use the money, since I have been spending lots of it lately...sometimes I think it grows on trees and we can just get more!

In between entertaining my little man I have been working on some crafty projects, here is a few of them. The second photo is my daughters graduation invite. I have been working frantically to get it finished this week, I want to make sure to mail it out with 6 weeks to spare, so everyone can make their plans to attend. Next up will be the decorations for the party...gotta think about that for a while.

I do have some other things I have done this week, but will wait to post those another day...that way I can take advantage of posting more than once a week. Be back soon!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break

Yippee! Spring Break has officially begun for my kids! Should be a fun week, my daughter is going to Florida with some friends and we are hanging out at home. I do have to work next week for 2 days, but the other ones are going to be filled with some fun activities with my son. So this week has proven to be just as busy for me as the last couple. I am gearing up for my daughter's big chorus program that we put on every is a lot of work and lots of coordinating volunteers to help. I can remember just a year ago that I was doing so much more volunteer work and trying to keep up, so this year with less on my plate it should be easier, but it doesn't seem like it! Weird how that happens. I do know that I am a little burned out on all the volunteering, think I am going to take a little break from it, then maybe start up again in a year or so. I just need some me time, time to focus my energy on some other areas of my life. Maybe I might even have more time to devote to my crafts, that would be awesome! I always want to create so much more than I have time to do, I always feel pressure to get things done in a short amount of time, creating should not feel this way, it should be relaxed and fun! I think if I had more time I would feel this way.
Here is my card that I made for my last month's card swap group...see I am so behind in sharing that I am just getting around to sharing a card that was given away more than 2 weeks ago!!! I really gotta get better at this blogging thing.

Happy Easter!