Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break

Yippee! Spring Break has officially begun for my kids! Should be a fun week, my daughter is going to Florida with some friends and we are hanging out at home. I do have to work next week for 2 days, but the other ones are going to be filled with some fun activities with my son. So this week has proven to be just as busy for me as the last couple. I am gearing up for my daughter's big chorus program that we put on every is a lot of work and lots of coordinating volunteers to help. I can remember just a year ago that I was doing so much more volunteer work and trying to keep up, so this year with less on my plate it should be easier, but it doesn't seem like it! Weird how that happens. I do know that I am a little burned out on all the volunteering, think I am going to take a little break from it, then maybe start up again in a year or so. I just need some me time, time to focus my energy on some other areas of my life. Maybe I might even have more time to devote to my crafts, that would be awesome! I always want to create so much more than I have time to do, I always feel pressure to get things done in a short amount of time, creating should not feel this way, it should be relaxed and fun! I think if I had more time I would feel this way.
Here is my card that I made for my last month's card swap group...see I am so behind in sharing that I am just getting around to sharing a card that was given away more than 2 weeks ago!!! I really gotta get better at this blogging thing.

Happy Easter!

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