Friday, March 26, 2010

This week in review

Well it looks like I am only going to manage to blog about once a week, so I should just settle myself to being a lousy blogger and move on! I just keep the hope alive that one day I will be able to sit down at my computer and type what is on my mind freely. Now I sit down and stare at the screen for what seems like reality it is only minutes. I always thought that I liked to write, I kept a journal when I was younger, but after I got married and had kids it seemed like I had too much else going on to keep up with a person journal. So I started this blog last year thinking that it would be like my personal journal and of course my crafty connection. I don't think it's working out so well, think I am just getting by. Oh well, there is alway a better tomorrow!!!

So I have been busy this week. I managed to make 2 scrap pages, which is impressive for me since I have not scrapped in weeks. The first one is a sketch from Liz Qualman. I just love her sketches, when I look at them they make me want to get creative. I haven't always worked with sketches, but I am finding on days when I don't have much mojo they really help get the thought process going. So I am taking a big step out of my box my doing sketches and it still makes me happy and I still feel creative. I think that was my biggest fear is if I did sketches I would feel like I was copying and not putting my own flair, but what I find is that it makes the process easier and I add my flair with the papers and embellishments. Who knew!!!!

Got off to a late start this morning and the kids are late for school...I just can't seem to get it together...I am looking forward to the summer break already. This mommy was not made for school and I find it so hard to keep my kids motivated and willing to go! I know it is a necessity, but man oh man, could they start a little later!!!

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