Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More crafty goodness!

This week is proving to be really busy at work, so when I come home I am not really in the mood to wrap presents or make anything but I did manage to make these little gifts for my family on Sunday! I have a few other things that need to be done, but no time to do them! Maybe I will finish early tonight and get some things accomplished. We did manage to watch a Christmas movie together as a family last night. Christmas Kaper...not a great movie, but it was good to spend time with the kids and hubby being all together!

We are not exhanging gifts with them this year, but I didn't want to go there empty handed so I made these frames with pictures of the grandkids. Hope they enjoy them!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

It is getting closer!

Here are a few of my crafty items that I made this week for my kids teachers and some friends. It has been hectic this week being the last week before Christmas. Devon got sick and did not attend school the last 3 days. I had to juggle my schedule around to stay home with him in the morning and have Miranda watch him in the afternoon so I could go to work! Needless to say it has been a little stressful at our home!

The pail is filled with candy. I got the pails from the dollar section at Target, I just love that section. I always find cute things I can alter and give as gifts. The little note book is a post it note holder. These were quick and easy to make. I am sure their teachers will like them!

This jar I made to with an old mayonaise jar. I like to save all kinds of glass jars to use as a gift later on. I filled this jar with hershey kisses after altering the outside with papers, tags, and ribbons.

So today I am working! It has been busy at the salon this week! I am so grateful. I have Sunday off and then I work 3 days straight, then off for 2 weeks!!! I am so excited to have some time off, I really need it!

Gotta run, gonna be late for work!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sneek Peek

So I just wanted to give you a sneek peek of what I have been working on the past week! As it gets closer to Christmas I am in a rush to get all of my projects complete...so much to do and such little time. I am almost finished with the cards, just need to get labels and finish the letter, I still have teacher gifts to make. I forgot that Devon has 2 teachers this year so I had to start on something else for her last night...how could I be so forgetful!!!

The excitement is building at my house as we get closer to Christmas Day! I have finished my shopping for Miranda but still need to get things for Devon. He wants Legos, lots of them. I just have to find the time to visit the Lego Store in our area and hope they still have the sets he wants...he might be really mad if he doesn't get this one he has been hoping for!

I gotta run so that I might get finished with our family cards today! My goal was yesterday, but it was just too busy! I am hoping today will be better and I will be focused on the goal at hand!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Party

Just thought I would share a few pictures from my hubby's Christmas Party on Saturday. For the first time ever I had my hair done in an updo!!! I know that sounds silly, but I was so excited! I have always had short hair and never been able to do anything up with it, but the girls from work said no worries they could do it! I am thrilled with how it came out!

We had a nice time at the Christmas party, talked with lots of Dan's coworkers and met some new faces, had great food and even better dessert! It was a fun night out just the 2 of us! That does not happen often enough!

I have not been in a festive mood this season, but getting dressed up and going out really helped that. Also just trying to be grateful for the things that are good in my life is lifting my spirit. I have to remember that when days seem tough, it could always be worse!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

What are you thankful for?

So I keep asking myself this question, "what are you thankful for?" I am not sure how to really answer that...I mean I am thankful for the usual things like my family, friends, home, etc... but really I have to dig deep to think about the things that I am grateful for and have meaning to me. For me this year has been a personal struggle to find happiness and joy in the things that I do for myself. I have been a wife, mother, daughter, friend for so long but what am I to me. I have found that this year I am strong, independent, faithful, kind, funny, caring and so much more. This year has been a year of discovery for me, about myself and my values...some things I have learned have been both good and bad. Like I love to shop and am really angry that the economy has taken a change and that I don't have the money like I use to, so I can't shop like I use to! Can't believe that I am so materialistic...that is not my strong point. I have also learned that through my job changing I am a much happier person. Who would have thought I was unhappy, until I did something to make me really happy. I have also found that doing things for myself makes me happy too...of course my family is missing my time spent with them and for that I feel a little guilt, but not enough for me to stop doing some "me things". I have found that I have a bad attitude to my family when things don't go my way...not a shining moment for me!!! I guess I am a pouter. I think that makes me the saddest to realize that I take out my feelings on other people who I love so much. It makes me feel sad for them, because my actions are making other people feel bad! For that I am sorry. I have learned that I am a giver, I love to see the expression on someone's face when I do something for them, my heart overflows! I am strong, when my family has been faced with obstacles like illness, I have overcome them. I have also learned to say no, many of you would say that is not true, but I have really done things this year that I want to do and given up so many other things...I know I am still busy and sometimes overwhelmed but far less than in years past.
Of course I am so thankful that I have been able to take this year and truly open my eyes to everything around me and learn! Sometimes it is so good for your soul to reflect on your life and have a renewed look. I know that I will go into the next year with a different perspective and that every moment is for me to learn something new.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Sunday

Well I occasionally update my blog! I just find it so hard to sit down and start typing. It's crazy I know.

Today was a wonderful stay at home kind of days...I slept late, had coffee with the hubby, stayed in sweats all day, made dinner in the crock pot, and did some scrapbooking! Actually I made some cute Thanksgiving cards...I have always wanted to do that and never have! They were so easy to make and fun. I even wrote a letter to all of my friends and stamped them to go out in tomorrow's mail! I can't believe it! I am never this on top of things!
Hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mindless, boring, daily things...

I have decided that I never blog because people never actually read it so I am just wasting my time and energy typing away mindless information...thus the reason I never have this updated!!!
Some days I think that I will actually do this and keep up with it and then reality sets in and I realize that is a big illusion! Plus my life is so busy that I don't have 5 minutes to sit down and think about what I am going to write and words don't always come so easily...it takes me forever to think up a title for my blog, let alone what I am actually going to say in it!
So today I am talking about absolutely nothing and I am just typing away...crazy how that is!!! If I was to actually think of something interesting I would be sitting here trying to figure out how to type it up and what to say first, but because I have nothing to say it is just coming very freely...mindnumbing I know!!! It is really sad that it comes down to this and the reason I can not keep this blog up to date, because I think my life is boring and not so interesting...sad but true...I have however gotten into blog reading...I have a few favorites, ever been to www.thepioneerwoman.com. She is hilarious and I just love her approach to her daily life, check it our sometime...I also read Heidi Swapp's blog, did you know she is living in China? She is really an inspiration...check her out at www.heidiswapp.com. Another one is Elsie Flannagan, she is a little off the wall, but in a good way...you should check her out at www.abeautifulmess.typepad.com she will make your day.
Are you a blog reader, can you recommend some good blogs to me...maybe they will inspire me to actually keep mine up to date...but then again maybe not!

Friday, February 15, 2008

A day in the life of me!

Friday, 15 February 2008
So I promised I would be so good about keeping up with the blog thing...it figures I wouldn't do it. I just find that I get so wrapped up in other things and activities that typing a message on my blog is the last thing on my mind. Just to give you an idea of my busy life, here is a sample schedule
6:40am wake up
7:30am bus call
7:30am-8:30am computer time-scrapbook.com-I sneak alot of time on this site!
9:30am-2:30pm work
2:30pm home/drop off goodie bags for cheerleading/errands/etc
3:15pm bus call
4pm guitar lessons/church classes/make dinner/do laundry/etc
5pm computer time or type emails to the many Girl Scout cookie moms that have a million questions
6pm dinner/sometimes a meeting/basketball games 2 times a week/homework help/laundry
7pm-11pmdinner/more meetings/more laundry/cub scout meeting/Girl Scout meeting/make corsages/answer phone calls from girl scout cookie moms with a million questions/ catch up on more emails/sign all school papers/get crafts ready for next volunteer activity/ the list goes on and on
11pm-bedtime/sometimes I can catch a few tv shows that are on earlier in the evening before my eyelids get heavy! Rarely do I get through an entire show, but last night I watched 2 survivors! I can't believe it, but dinner did not get cooked and my ds did homework for 4 hours! He really likes to drag it out.
Just by looking at my schedule it doesn't seem all that busy, but for some reason I always feel like I am coming and going constantly! Especially for the month of February...I have more plans for this month than any other month of the year...note to self:plan better next year! I did not realize I would be involved in so much volunteer work: girl scout cookie coordinator, cheer video, banquet prep for cheerleading, teaching 2 classes at a Girl Scout retreat, International Bazaar for Girl Scouts, basketball championship games, not to mention that my work is slammed right now!!! Put in sick kids, a sinus infection, dentist appt, dermatologist appt, and there are no days left in a week!
On a positive note my dd's girls basketball team has made it to the championships! We play Saturday evening for the title! I am so excited. Our school is not well known for our winning teams! Except for our cheerleaders, we have been state champs since 2004! So this is a big surprise for our basketball team to be so good, and what a fabulous feeling to be winners! Our football team never won a game all season!!! Needless to say we are getting a new coach this year, hope that will turn our luck around!
I am by no means complaining, I love my busy life, but sometimes it is necessary for me to take a step back and breath! This is one of those times! I just need a few more hours in my day to get more things done, like housework, cleaning, bill paying...as it is I do that in spurts, I carry a glove duster around with me and just dust as I go getting everyone up in the morning and such...I am sure my schedule is no different than many others, it just seems at times overwhelming...must learn to say NO!!!! I actually know the word well, just didn't realize my commitments with all these volunteer activities would overlap each other during January-March with the busyiest month being February! Not to mention that my dh's company is moving and he has been working non stop this month, long hours, weekend working, so I have to deal with the kids by myself, get them everywhere, take them with me everywhere, my ds just loves this...he's gone to work with me several times this week...my 2 day a week job turned into 3-4 days this week, and again the last week of the month, so as the saying goes when it rains it pours...well the flood gates are open at my house for this month!