Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crazy Day!

So today I had to be up really early and out the door for a meeting at work...Dan was out of town so I put dinner in the crockpot before I left...somehow I had a million things to do so getting out of the house on time proved to be almost impossible. One of my important things to do was to photograph another card I made for my next month's card swap group. We are only suppose to make one card for each of our 12 members, but this month I went crazy! I just couldn't help myself...I saw this technique in a book and just had to try in my oh so little spare time I just whipped this up!
The ladies in my card group call me an overachiever...I just can't help myself, call me what you want, I am a crafting fool! Whatever I am, it is such a stress reliever to come home and do a little crafting...or spend my day off in pj's and crafting. It 's all about the craft to me!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

I have been so happy to be home for the past couple of days...I have really needed the rest and relaxation...just to be home with no pressure of deadlines hanging over my head!!! Makes me so happy! Really I am! I spent the day yesterday with a friend, she is going back to school so we went and got all her registration in order, I had to shove her through the doors, literally! She is really nervous about going back. We also enjoyed a lovely lunch outside, because the weather here in GA was just beautiful is another story, overcast, getting ready to rain.

Spent the afternoon catching up on Oprah, I had a whole week's worth of shows to watch...boy I never can sit for that long of a stretch, but I did and really enjoyed the down time...only to get a call from my hubby asking if I could take Devon to scouts, he was not going to make it in time, so off we went...ended up being some special Arrow of Light ceremony and the kids got awards so I am glad that I went.

Today I am home again and hoping to do some more crafting and laundry...not looking forward to the latter, but someone has to keep up with it!!! My hubby is out of town for the night for work so it is me and the kids, that means we can eat a crazy dinner like breakfast or soup, maybe mac and cheese! All I am saying is it is easier to cook for only 3 and we are not so picky about what's for dinner!

So I wanted to share my latest card for my card swap group in April...I can't believe I am done with it! I usually am scrabbling at the last minute, but not this time...I really enjoyed having the time to be creative and I think it shows! I did things that I might normally not do because of the time constraints but since I was not pressured I went for it...hope you like it!

Gotta go to the store and find a storage solution to some of my scrapbook stuff...they are on sale this week so I thought I would hop over to Hobby Lobby and take a look at what they have...I am constantly in need of changing it up! Hoping to get back quickly so I can get back to crafting! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello, my friend!

Have you missed me? I know I have not been good this month about just happens and I got too busy! It was all I could do this month to get through a day! I do have some new creations that I want to share with you. I didn't have time for much personal scrapbooking this month, but I did make several gifts and cards...they are all so cute!
This first one is the card I made for my card swap group...I totally love the fun spring colors and of course the egg shape of the card! The card says Eater Blessings, because the theme this month was blessings or luck...the cards that everyone brought were amazing...will post those when I get a few minutes to take photos of them! Here is one my friend made for the group...

I love the lime green, black, and white color scheme for this card, the stamp says Blessed beyond measure...we had to search for these scallop punches...we bought the nestabilities square, it took us a little while to figure out, but really like the finished card!

My next photo is the last bit of cheer gifts I made for our end of year banquet...I don't know why I didn't take more pictures...but this was all I had, oh well! I made these cute albums and little pillows for each of the coaches , also included a gift card for starbucks and sonic in their gift! Who doesn't love a little coffee and fast food!! LOL!

Hopefully I will be able to continue to post something to my blog this week, I have so much to share...and life has slowed down for me just a bit...I actually stayed home all day on Sunday...if you can believe it! In fact the whole family was home, I think some of us didn't know what to do!!! I did enjoy some crafting and was a good day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cheer invitation

I thought I would finally share the invitation to our cheer banquet that I made...I made it several weeks ago, but am just getting around to posting it! I have not been good this week about blogging. Things have just come up and I have not taken the time to sit down and make myself type something!!! Anyway, these invitations were really easy to make, just figured out the measurement of the card, then printed them out on cardstock, cut them, and punched all the pawprints! 240 to be exact, boy did my hand hurt after that!

I did have a good weekend with friends, we spent both days crafting! I went to Archiver's on Friday the local scrapbook store for a card class and stayed all night to scrap, then I worked was really busy, then off to my boss's house for craft night. We made the cutest wine glasses!!! I had so much fun painting and decorating them...I have officially decided that for all birthday's this year I would be giving the wine glasses! They are so festive and fun!

The same night we painted wine glasses we also painted dish towels, I wanted it to reflect me so this is what I came up with...I love the way it turned out and I decided to hang it on the end of my kitchen island, I can look at it when I sit at my table doing crafts...makes me so happy!