Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cheer invitation

I thought I would finally share the invitation to our cheer banquet that I made...I made it several weeks ago, but am just getting around to posting it! I have not been good this week about blogging. Things have just come up and I have not taken the time to sit down and make myself type something!!! Anyway, these invitations were really easy to make, just figured out the measurement of the card, then printed them out on cardstock, cut them, and punched all the pawprints! 240 to be exact, boy did my hand hurt after that!

I did have a good weekend with friends, we spent both days crafting! I went to Archiver's on Friday the local scrapbook store for a card class and stayed all night to scrap, then I worked Saturday...it was really busy, then off to my boss's house for craft night. We made the cutest wine glasses!!! I had so much fun painting and decorating them...I have officially decided that for all birthday's this year I would be giving the wine glasses! They are so festive and fun!

The same night we painted wine glasses we also painted dish towels, I wanted it to reflect me so this is what I came up with...I love the way it turned out and I decided to hang it on the end of my kitchen island, I can look at it when I sit at my table doing crafts...makes me so happy!

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Julia said...

You are going to Have to show me how you did the wine glasses and towel! Adorable!!! And, your cheer invitation is so pretty! I bet your hand WAS hurting after all those!!