Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Gift Albums

I worked on 2 gift albums for my parents for their Christmas present this year. Unfortunate for me I never start my albums early enough where I really get to enjoy the making process.  Instead I am rushing around last minute trying to get it done!  These 2 albums were no exception.  I started them about a week before Christmas and finished them on the Friday before Christmas.  So they took about 6 days to make.  Of course I really only had time in the evenings to work on them.  Work kind of got in the way!!!  I made both albums the same so that essentially I would create one page and then make a copy for the 2nd page.  That definitely made the process go much quicker.  Luckily I have hoarded scrapbook supplies for a while and I just so happened to have 2 8x8 purple DCWV albums.  Think I scored them for only $2 a piece at Joann's on clearance several years ago.  Love when I get a good deal like that and then actually use it.  I managed to only buy a spool of ribbon, a packet of flowers, and 10 sheets of cardstock.  The rest of the supplies I had at home!  I was really surprised at how much stuff I had that matched and could work with the albums.  I did decide to keep the pages really simple and not dress them up too much.  Saving time and product.  I also knew it would be quicker if I kept the pages simple.  So in no particular order here are the pages in the album.  I did run out of time so the last page of the album is a pocket page with extra photos.  And if I did not mention before these are photos from our annual Christmas card photo shoot. I was so please with them I wanted to do an entire album!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's a New year, a new dawn, a new me!

Weight Watchers here I come!  Big news for me is I joined Weight Watchers!  I am really excited to go on this journey and am excited about making better choices and getting healthy!  40 is just around the corner for me and it is now or never!  I gotta do it!
I took a photo of myself on Sunday to start documenting where I started and where I will end up.  It is not a full body shot, but you get the point!
I have even decided that I will journal my journey using a Smash book...think it is so good to write it down, makes you more accountable.  Not only am I watching what I eat but adding exercise in to the program.  Starting off slow and easy.  Trying to get something in everyday, for now it is steps and my kinect dance game. Soon I will be using my wii fit too.  Gonna try and do it at home instead of a gym...I do not like treadmills in general and find that dancing is fun for me!  So hopefully I will dance the pounds off!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Been hiding under a rock!!!

I really have not been hiding under a rock but I have spent the last month and a half just so busy!  I get online everyday and think I am going to sit down and type something for my silly, little blog but then I don't...I think it is the hardest thing for me to do, sit down and type about my life, my feelings, my crafts.  Think that I feel like I am opening myself up for the world to see and sometimes that can be scary!  I keep saying every year around this time that I am going to be a better blogger, but inevitably something happens and I don't do it.
Let's just say I am a work in progress and so is this blog.  I do love going to other peoples blogs and reading about their daily life. I feel I get to know them a little better when I read!  You would think that would motivate me more to write on my blog daily, but it doesn't!!!  Oh well, I just need to get use to the fact that I am a part time blogger!
November and December was very busy for the Goswick family.  We went away to our mtn place for Thanksgiving week.  It was so nice to get away and enjoy some down time.  I actually scrapbooked a couple of days while we were there.  Enjoyed a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner with family and of course did a little black Friday shopping!  The highlight was to come home feeling refreshed and relaxed!  Did a lot of online shopping for Christmas gifts this year...I think that more and more I like online shopping, drinking coffee and staying in my jammies is the way to shop!  We actually bought ourselves a little early gift, we got new living room furniture!  We were in desperate need for new furniture and I fell in love with this set!  It looks so great in the house and is super comfortable!
Needless to say since I love my furniture so much I find myself relaxing a little more then I use to!  I find reasons to sit down and watch TV now!  I did manage to do a little scrapping in December.  Over the next several days I promise I will dedicate several blog posts to show all my crafty goodness!
Happy New Year!  Hoping 2012 will be a wonderful year!!!