Sunday, April 25, 2010

This week is a blur...

This marks my week of craziness! My daughter is performing in high school. She belongs to the choral program at the high school and I am the president of the booster club. We are putting on the 10th annual Peach Jam (a variety show) and it has been a busy week. I can't believe it is Sunday already. I feel like I just woke up Monday morning last week to start decorating the auditorium. We have already one show done and the last one to do today. I think I am tired because I worked all week and went to the school before or after work to get the other things done. I just felt that I have missed work lately for so many other things (like sick kids) that I didn't need to take off for this. Wish I would have rethought that decision, cause I am beyond exhausted!!! Except I did have one of my best days ever at work this weekend, kind of made up for my slow weeks lately.

I got no photos to share this week as I have not been creative...actually I have been but in different ways. I am always working like crazy to finish beading my daughter's prom dress, what was I thinking to do it by hand!!!! I sometimes surprise myself with how ambitious I really am...we have less than a week before prom, wish me luck!

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Kim said...


You are an awesome Mom! You are so involved and I know your kids will treasure that about you always!