Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mid week check in

Don't be too shocked, I am actually blogging again before another week has passed! LOL! I am really trying to find the time to sit down and type a post. It is the hardest thing I have to do. I thought that I loved to write and tell stories, but I am learning through this blog that I am really bad at it. Actually I suck! So all those thoughts of loving high school English were wrong, I guess I just fantasized that I actually liked writing!
So we are mid way through spring break and are having a nice week. Except for the fact that we are heading to the doctor this morning to check on a rash that has popped up on my son's body. We tried benadryl for the last 2 days but it is not helping, so I made an appt. I am suppose to work today, but I have no appts and since we needed to see the dr. I just said to call me if someone wants in today. Hopefully work will be busier the rest of the week., I could really use the money, since I have been spending lots of it lately...sometimes I think it grows on trees and we can just get more!

In between entertaining my little man I have been working on some crafty projects, here is a few of them. The second photo is my daughters graduation invite. I have been working frantically to get it finished this week, I want to make sure to mail it out with 6 weeks to spare, so everyone can make their plans to attend. Next up will be the decorations for the party...gotta think about that for a while.

I do have some other things I have done this week, but will wait to post those another day...that way I can take advantage of posting more than once a week. Be back soon!

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