Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's only Tuesday

I feel that my week is coming together much better today, even though it is only Tuesday! I ended up being super productive yesterday and getting a lot accomplished, made me feel better and really helped brighten my mood!
Today I am tackling the long list of things to get done for my daughter's graduation party. I am starting now that way I won't be in a panic next week trying to get it all done. I always seem to procrastinate and then get overstressed in the end. Not this time, I am going to pace myself and hopefully be able to enjoy the moment a little more.
Today is my monthly card swap group get together, unfortunately I will not be joining the girls for the night. My daughter has been invited to honors night and I am so hoping she receives one of the scholarships she has applied for. Anyway it is more important to attend tonight's honor event then the card group. I did remember to photograph my card and I went ahead and photographed my friends card too, cause I like it so much!
The first card with the tulips is my friends card that she made. I think it is my favorite because tulips are my favorite flower. The weird thing is I have never grown tulips in my flower beds, not sure why I don't go out and buy the tulip bulbs and plant them, but just never done that! Note to self: buy some tulips to plant this fall for next year.

The second card is the one I made, I have been wanting to do some type of rainbow card for a while and just could not decide on one design, this one just came to me and it evolved. Not sure it is my most favorite card, but it does make me happy and it was fairly easy and quick to put together. Next month's card group is at my house, should be a fun time!

I can't believe I have posted 2 days in a row to my little ol' blog...amazing! Guess I have more to say with as much activity that is going on in my household right now! Who knows maybe I will be back tomorrow with another post!

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MKJulia2000@yahoo.com said...

We missed you guys last night! Both cards are gorgeous! Looking forward to your theme- beaches plus embossing- will b fun to do!