Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flower Bliss

I have spent the last several days making these fabulous fabric flowers! I have been seeing them everywhere and have been wanting to learn how to make them and finally had the time to sit down and get all of the directions. Then it was off to the fabric store to buy lots of yummy fabric. I found that buying remnants worked out great, they are almost half the price of the original cost and it does not take much fabric to make these flowers. A quarter of a yard makes about 4 rolled roses and 4 layered peonies. If you visit Rhonna Designs blog she has step by step instructions for the layered flowers and then if you watch her video she teaches the other techniques.
I have put either clips or pin backs on them and can wear them with coordinating outfits. So excited!
I was so happy to learn these flowers that I took the plunge at making a bib necklace. I have seen these on sale everywhere and have been dying to buy one...Well I made one and then on Mother's day my kids actually bought me one! So now I have 2, actually I am giving the one pictured to my mom. Of course I will wear it a time or 2 first! I gotta break it in and make sure it looks good!

This is going to be another busy week, I think May is just notoriously crazy! Especially when you have a child graduating from high school, oh my there are so many things going on! Hope I have time to post again this week.


MKJulia2000@yahoo.com said...

OMG! WOW! Girl! I'm speechless! These are beautiful and the necklace needs to be on my neck!!!!!!

Canadian Candy said...

Gorgeous job on the fabric flowers.. So pretty!