Thursday, May 20, 2010

I got nothing for you!

But a long, busy day at work! I really have nothing to share today, but since I was on a roll this week and have blogged every day I wanted to keep going.
I did manage to finish 10 graduation cards for my daughter's friends, that is a good thing because starting Saturday we have a ton of parties to attend.
Today I have to be at work early for training, always hard to go to training on a work day because it makes the day seem that much longer. Of course I can't complain because my boss brings in the best people in the business to give us training and it is really a great thing!

I am so excited about the end of the school year, things are winding down and we will have a much needed break. I love those lazy days of summer, doing nothing, playing outside, sitting by the pool. Can't wait!

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