Monday, June 21, 2010

Forgive me for neglecting you my dear blog!

I know I have been neglecting my dear blog, but life just happens. I think after the week of graduation I needed to just let some things go for a little while and this just happens to be one of those things that I let go. I was doing so well and starting to post on a regular basis, then I just fell off the face of the earth!
I am back now, still feeling like life is so busy and the weeks just pass by so quickly. Where does time go? I feel like I blink and another day goes by. Guess that is the way it goes as you get older...well I am fighting getting older everyday, I want to stay young so I can remember the days and feel like a kid with no cares in the world! Don't you remember those carefree days of your youth, when all that was important was who you were going to play with today, and hope that the ice cream man came to visit that day...miss that time so much. Of course I wouldn't go back if I couldn't take the knowledge and wisdom that I have now. I would also totally skip those terrible teenage years, who wants to relive that drama! Anyway, just thinking out loud about the past and wishing for time to slow down. More than anything I want to remember time with my kids and the fun things we do together.

So I have been somewhat busy taking care of my house and doing yard work, and yes a little crafting...I have not been totally closed off from the world. I did manage to get sick one day last week and the illness lingered for days, nothing like having a stomach bug hang around for 5 days!
Thank goodness that is behind me and I can move on with my summer!

Miranda is working 2 jobs this summer, which amazes me that she has so much motivation to do that! I know that she will be so happy at the end of the summer when she has lots of money saved! I think she is concerned when she goes to college we will not be helping her any so she wants to have some money set aside. I think that is a good idea that was she won't nickel and dime us to death!
Devon is chilling at home, he has enjoyed some fun times with friends and a school camp. Next week he will attend an acting camp and in July he starts private guitar lessons. So exciting.

Dan and I will be leaving next week for a week long trip to Las Vegas! I have never been and am really excited about going. I am not much of a gambler but I gotta go and see what all the hype is about. My only concern is I am not a night owl and this city doesn't start until about 10om, boy am I in trouble!
HOping that in the next several weeks I will get back to regular posts on this blog. I made a promise this year to get better and so far I have been blogging on a weekly basis, until my June Hiatus. Sometimes I guess we just all need a break!
Here are a few crafty things I have been working on this month...

I will be back tomorrow showing you all the scrapbook pages that I have done this month. I really have not had the time to be crafty but I managed to squeeze it into 2 days this month and got a lot done!

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AngMomof3 said...

Hi Monica! I really like your layout on the My Little Sketch Blook blog. The colors are great together! And I like how you used the border punch below your photos. It was great to "meet" you as another designer on Liz' blog. Keep up your great work!