Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Life just happens

Hello to my poor, neglected blog! I am so sorry to be putting you on the back burner lately, it just seems that this is the last thing on my mind when I have so many other things going on in my life,.

First let me start off by saying I took a wonderful trip out to Las Vegas, spent a long weekend with my hubby, then the rest of the week with some girlfriends. We had a blast! Came home to a sick kid, Miranda had strep throat really bad, took her back to the dr twice before she got some relief. Enjoyed a nice, quiet, and relaxing 4th of July. Then went back to work and all hell broke loose! So to speak! Woke up last Thursday morning not feeling well, thought maybe I was getting a sinus infection so I took my meds and went to work. Bad idea! Got about half way through the day and started feeling really bad, kept getting chilled, ended up vomiting and becoming delusional. I was rushed to the ER to discover I had a 103 degree fever and was talking all kinds of craziness. Took lots of tests and spent the night at the hospital, after several attempts at doing a spinal tap they decided to wait for radiology to do a guided lumbar puncture, using ultrasound to see the area they need to remove the spinal fluid. Those tests came back negative and they sent me home saying I just had a viral infection. I spent the next 2 days vomiting, terrible headache, and neck pain. Went to a dr. in the box on Sunday and he immediately sent be back to the ER. He said that I should have never been released in the first place because I was still having fever and showed signs of dehydration. So back at the ER, they ran some more tests, got my filled up with 3 liters of iv fluid, one with caffeine in it, kept me there for about 8 hours then sent me home with orders to go back the next day for a blood patch. Got up Monday morning called my regular dr. went to see her and then was off for my blood patch. They check you into outpatient surgery and do all the necessary things required. I got my 3rd iv and some meds, then off for the blood patch. I think that was the worst thing they had done to this point...(no, Thursday night with the 2 failed attempts was the worst). The dr. said that in some cases this won't help, but we would have to wait and see. Needless to say I am the exception to every rule and it did not I have been spending my days and nights laying flat, changing positions often, and taking all kinds of pain meds to relieve this headache. So far nothing has made it go away.
Went back to the dr. today and I am out of work for the rest of the week, possibly next week too. All of this because a lousy 103 degree fever! Who would have thought???
So I have no photos to give you since I have not been getting crafty. I did manage to take a load of photos from my vacation and even some of fireworks on the 4th but I have not uploaded them from my camera. That will be my home for tomorrow or Friday, get those uploaded. Until then, I will just continue my many hours of bed rest and trying to find a comfortable position to sleep.

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