Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bed rest=crafty time

Since I have been on bedrest for the last several days I have found myself bored out of my mind. I decided to dig through my craft bins and pull out some old and forgotten craft projects. One of which I use to love to make. Baby socks crochet with buttons and beads. They are so fun and festive for any little girl. I guess I use to make them for my niece many years ago, but once I got wrapped up in scrapbooking I never went back to them again. Well I really forgot how much fun and easy they are to make. I have made 8 pair of socks since Tuesday. I think that is a pretty good accomplishment, since I have not crochet in 4 years. I actually only know how to do a chain stitch, but that is all you need to know to make these socks. Here are a few photos of what I have made.
I did get a call from my dr. yesterday afternoon telling me that my strep test came back positive. I had 3 cultures done because I kept telling all the dr.'s that I had strep but they would not listen. the rapid test came back negative so they didn't culture it. Well finally my family dr. listened to me. So I am happy to report that I now have antiobiotics and should be feeling better soon. I do still have the spinal headache but I can tell every day that it is continuing to get better. I did sleep in today till noon and rest always helps a sick body. It was the first night since last week that I almost slept through the night, I did wake up 2x to go to the bathroom but that is ok, the fact that I found a comfortable position to sleep in was good enough for me! Also I have managed to get on the computer today and start uploading my vacation photos, that is a good sign that I am tolerating staying in one position longer than 30 minutes at a time. I do know that I can't push it or I will be back at square one. So for now I will take long rests in between my moments of normalcy! Or what seems like normalcy.


Elisabeth said...

Hi there!
Are you feeling any better? This sounds really awful!
Big hugs said...

I saw these when you first posted them and thought I left a comment:)) anyways, these are absolutely adorable and I bet they look so precious on little feet!