Sunday, June 12, 2011

The best of intentions

Oh I had the best of intentions to blog every day, but the demands of new puppies threw that idea right out the window! Can't say I don't love having the new dogs in my life, they are a pure joy! Did I mention a lot of work too!!! 2 is twice as nice, but twice the work! We do have a good routine going now and they really are settling into our family nicely. The cat may even secretly like them! Haha!
If you can believe this I have managed to be crafty this month. Not as much as I would like but still got a few pages done for the scrapbook. Really need to get myself organized and finish the photos from 2009 so that I can get onto 2010...only 2 years behind in my scrapping. Actually still have photos of the kids from years ago to scrap, but just don't know where to start!

Anyway I now participate in a challenge over at every month. It is a sketch challenge and really gets me motivated to scrap. Which is what I need monthly, a little motivation and time!

This challenge that I do has 4 weeks of sketches and the challenge runs mid month to mid month. Once they are all in we start voting on our favorites, then there is a tally and more voting to find a monthly winner. I think the winner gets sent some kind of RAK but since I have never won I have no idea. I don't do it for that reason, I do it to get some ideas and really to be honest to get some pages done!

I promise I will be back tomorrow with another post, I have a few more pages I created and want to share, even a card or 2!

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These Layouts came out so nice. I remember seeing a few of them in process! And, the pink one of Miranda and her cousin is so my style! I'll have to scrap lift it ;)