Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday is pool day!

Since summer began I have been going to my friends pool every Friday. We have now decided that Friday is pool day all summer long!!! Thanks Julia for putting up with us every week! It is truly the highlight of our week! Here are some photos from last weeks pool day. The kids have so much fun playing with Julia's little one and now we have started to say that Miranda has a new boyfriend because Zachary loves her so much! He knows a cute girl when he sees one! Just look at the photos below and you can see how much fun we are having!

I have really been emjoying the lazy days of summer, but I feel like they are not lazy but busy, busy, busy! Although it is a very happy busy!


Camden said...

I am so jealous! While I work...y'all play! ;)

I esp. love the thumbs up picture! So cute! So sweet!!

Thank you for loving my sister and her family! Esp. Zachary!!! said...

OMG!!! I'm on your blog! And, we do have a blast, don't we? Zachary can't wait to see his girlfriend soon!- Like tomorrow!!! splish splash we are having a blast!!