Thursday, May 12, 2011

New babies to keep me busy!

So over the weekend I was surprised with not 1 but 2 new puppies!!! My husband and kids went to go look at some abandoned puppies that my sister's inlaws had and they ended up bringing both of them home! They are jack russell/beagle mix, called jackabees. I feel like a new mom getting up in the middle of the night, early morning feedings, and constantly being on call! Actually they are a great addition to the family and once the "training" period is over they are going to be such a joy!

Both of them have decided they love to lay in my flower bed. So now a few of my hostas and daisies are a little smushed. This weekend I have got to find a screening or netting to put around my flower bed so they will not have access to it and more of my flowers aren't ruined!

The above photo is Sami. She is easy going and a really people pleaser. She wants to be told what to do and follow orders! I can tell she is going to be a cuddler, she loves getting on your lap and curling up to sleep.
This is Zoey, otherwise known as the problem child! Haha! Actually she is quite good, but just a slow learner. It has taken her a couple of days to figure out my commands and do them correctly. She also likes to whine a little and has a terrible time trying to get comfortable when it is time for a nap.

I can't wait for some time to start making scrapbook pages of them! I can already tell they love the camera!


Elisabeth said...

Goodness are those puppies cute!!!! I see a ton of LOs in the near future. Just love those faces.
Congrats, new mom! said...

they have grown so much since these pictures! wow! And, I see the plants before the dug them up, LOL. Too cute!