Sunday, May 1, 2011

This is what I have been doing!

Hey folks! Been a very busy month of April for me...didn't realize that I would still be busy in the spring after I gave up all of my volunteering positions! Anyway my son was in the play The Wizard of Oz and after a very long year of rehearsals and classes they finally got to perform. I was in charge of costumes, only a few but still it was a lot of work! Here are some photos from the evening's performance!
Of course we had to take a few family photos with the "star". You never know if he will become famous one day and forget we are family! So gotta have prove with the photos!

Here he is very relieved to be getting the makeup off his face...think it made him just a little hot! I am as always talking to someone as I remove the makeup!!!After the show the family and friends went to a local restaurant called Little Azio's for some dinner. Great little place that has tv's in the booths. The kids always love that feature. Then we ended the evening at Bruster's to celebrate the successful show!

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Elisabeth said...

Wow! What a star you are. Your school is very lucky to have parents like you. This is amazing!