Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My week at Cricut World Blog

Thought I would let all my peeps know about my week at the cricut world blog. I am part of a group of ladies online that share the same love of scrapbooking and cricuts. We started a blog in February and now each week we get a turn at posting different cricut cut crafts (say that fast 3x) So finally this is my week. I would have posted to my blog sooner but I actually forgot that I should invite some of my friends over for a look. So if you get some free time go see what is happening there. I am trying to post something every day...you know me, that could be a real challenge since I neglect this little blog so often!
In my defense, last week was spring break and we were away in the mountains at our camper enjoying some much needed down time! I had a blast, sleeping late, scrapbooking, sitting outside and enjoying the weather. It was definitely a great week! I was a little sad to see it end, but glad to be home and back to my reality. I am finding that the more I stay at home the more I really like it!

I did manage to take some really cool photos this week of some butterflies, thought it would be nice to share.

I will be back tomorrow with some more photos from the camper...don't forget to check the cricut world blog daily too for my crafty stuff!

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Camden said...

Beautiful azelea pics!!