Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just a normal Thursday-NOT!

Good Morning! It is a sunny, but cold day here! I cannot wait for spring to come. I forgot how much I don't like the cold until now!!! It is good for a little while and especially if it snows, but once that happens I am ready for mild weather again. No such luck this year, we have had more cold days this winter than I can ever remember. I just keep thinking spring and one day I will wake up and it will be here.
I have a few things to share that I actually made last week. I have not be very crafty this week, just too much going on. Actually one of my kiddos has been sick so I have been preoccupied, one day we were at the hospital having tests, another day I was doing errands, then today I have to work. Of course I am meeting some friends to scrapbook on Friday, should be fun. I am not the least bit organized and ready, I must get my stuff together so that I don't take too much. That is a problem for me, bringing everything I own cause you never know what you will need. I hope that this time I will not be doing that, I am going to focus and take only what I think I will use.

Here is a birthday card I made for a friend this month...her birthday was at the beginning of the month, but that is me always a little behind! I actually only gave it to her a week late...not bad.

I am off, got to call my mom to see if she can watch the little one while I work today, otherwise I gotta make some calls to my job...not looking forward to that.

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