Monday, February 8, 2010

On a roll

So I have been busy the last week being crafty! I made several more Valentines cards and thought this would be a good day to show them off. Both of these cards were made with scraps. I have such a large stash of scrap papers and never find that I use them yet I can't throw them out.
Not only have I been busy making cards I actually sat down 2 days in a row and scrapbooked...can't believe I managed to be so crafty last week. Here a the results of those 2 days:

I also attended a weekend crop over the last weekend of January and managed to get a few more scrap page in. I was only able to make it to the crop for the evening since I work all day Saturday, but it was so much fun!
Chances are that I won't have any crafty time this week, but I really wish I could carve a day out of my busy schedule to just craft! I do need to get my cards finished for my monthly card group, so maybe I will get time to do that...probably towards the end of the week! Today is just too busy! I have a hard time when I have a busy Monday, just gets my week started all wrong!

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MKJulia2000 said...

I'm so blessed to be the lucky recipient of your love card! OMG! You put a lot of work into and in person it is even more amazing! Thank you!