Monday, February 1, 2010

Another month!

Wow, I cannot believe it is already February 1st. Where does the time go? January just seemed to fly by...that seems to be the story of my life. I feel that I am always behind, weather it is with the housework, school activities, or my blog. I promised I would spend more time working on my blog and I realize that some days I don't really have anything to say and for the life of me can't find anything that would be of any interest to others so I don't write...but I made a promise to myself to get better, I am holding myself accountable for this and right now I am failing big time!!!
The good news is life is not as crazy as it use to be, now that my most of my volunteer jobs are finished. I have more time at home, more time to relax, more time to craft, really more time to just chill. It has been a long time since I said I am not busy, but for the last several weeks I have enjoyed being home all day Sundays, feels so good to be here with the family and just be. I know that sounds crazy but when I say "Just be" it has so much more meaning to me than to others, my shoulders get a little more relaxed, I can breathe a little easier, it's amazing. Just be means for me to just let go and just be in the moment...such a great lesson for me! I am not always an in the moment kind of person. Because I have always filled my moments to the max that I am always thinking of the next thing that is coming up, instead of JUST BEING! Now I have the time to do this and I can tell you right now I am a happier person! My kids are happier and life in general is better. I just have to keep reminding myself of the goal, because I sometimes forget and get that feeling of needing to schedule my every waking moment, but I am not going to do that, I just can't! Of course with that being said, this week is super busy and scheduled...don't know how that happened!
Monday-conference with Teacher, meet with Chorus treasurer to fill out 501c3 papers
Tuesday-meet Chorus Director, Dr. appt, basketball game
Wednesday-Dr. appt, work half day
Friday- card class, Senior night basketball
Sunday-rubber stamp show and super bowl
My life will resume to normal after Sunday, in fact the next week I have nothing on my schedule besides a dinner meeting Monday night. How does that work that one week you are slammed and the next week nothing! I gotta get an assistant to schedule my things better. Ha!
Here's some things I have been working on...

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Yep, you are a Busy little girl! :) Love your forever cards! Each is similar but different and I loves them both! different, but the same! LOL...Looking forward to our card class tomorrow! Can't wait to learn a "NEW" technique!