Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick card and post

Morning! I am posting a quick card that I made for a co worker this week and a quick post. I have a staff meeting at work and need to leave the house in 1 minute, but I did want to at least get something on my blog for today.
Also back to my grateful list: my children, my home, my family, food, and food again...been a little down this week and finding lots of comfort in food. I know that is bad, but at least I realize I am a stress eater...need to focus this week and be grateful for everything good in my life. I find that I am focusing on the bad and it is brining me down.
Sorry going off in another direction and really I gotta go!

1 comment: said...

Love this card! I'm so inspired by your use of cricut that I want to pull mine out and use it more. Beautiful card!