Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

It was a great Halloween for me this year! I was home and really got to enjoy being with my family. Although I did not get to decorate my home like I normally do, we still had a great day! Miranda woke up insisting that we make costumes for her group of friends. They had a Halloween party to attend and wanted to do a group costume, so after fixing a big breakfast we headed out to the fabric store...took about an hour to find all the fabric and stuff we back to the house around 2pm and starting sewing like crazy! Made 4 costumes in about 5 they are! They turned out to be so cute!
My son decided to be the Joker from Batman this year. We bought his costume because we thought it might be better in case I didn't have the time to sew. I did do his makeup and it turned out really well, especially since I don't have much experience with scary faces! When he looked at himself in the mirror he was so excited that finally he dressed up as a scary character!

Glad that the holiday is over, wish I could have enjoyed it has been a little overwhelming lately...I have decided to change things in my life, simplify it. I am stepping down from some of my volunteer duties...I just can't keep juggling it all and remain a good wife, mother, friend, employee, and over all normal person! More details to come about which volunteer job I will be letting go.


Kim said...

You are quite the Mom! I couldn't imagine making all those costumes in a day. You are amazing! I hope your kids see that! said...

Wow girl! LOVE everyone's costumes! I'm VERY impressed! I'll b asking you tips on those Flinstones costumes for next year! And, I bet Devon's scary costume was a hit!!