Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back at work!

So I am officially back at work, today marks my 5th day back. I am doing well, there are still some things that are proving to be difficult, but with every passing day things are getting easier and easier. One of those hard things is washing dishes, or shampooing hair...not that I really want to get back to the dishes, but they are not going to wash themselves! So my physical therapy sessions are packed with exercises that work on stretching my hand and fingers out so that I have the strength to scrub those dishes and at work other people's head! I feel that in just a short couple of weeks I will be well on my way!Been crafting a lot...wanted to share some of my latest projects. Just a few of my daughter, trying to finish up her cheerleading pages...since this is her last year I wanted to get the pictures in a book. We didn't want the 10 years of cheerleading to be forgotten, so finally I am done, just waiting on the date for the basketball shots and then we can say the book is finished! Such a great feeling of daughter having stuck with this sport for so long. She loves it and is so passionate about cheering! Makes me so proud!

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