Saturday, November 21, 2009

Special Day

So I am a month behind posting these cards that I made for my last month's card group. Better late than never! Guess I was saving them for a special day!
I do have a pretty good excuse as to why I never shared these cards and that is because our network computer crashed, the one that stores all our photos and so I have not been able to access the photos for about a week now. Everytime I would try to upload them it would just sit for hours trying to process. We have now changed how our photos get saved in hopes that it won't happen again, of course we had to spend about $650 to do it, plus we now need another something that will cost $300, so we just bought a new computer in my opinion!
I have lots of new things to share, been really crafty lately! My hand is almost back to normal so I am finding it much easier to do things...the only thing that is still hard is scrubbing movement. No kidding, so dishes, cleaning or anything needed to be scrubbed is a challenge! Of course no one else in the family wants to scrub either! Wish I could use the excuse all the time that my hand just won't do that movement!!! HA HA! Unfortunately it would only hurt me since I am the only one that cleans around the house, actually Miranda will do it when I ask, but not very often. So today I got to get myself motivated to do some housework! So exciting!

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