Friday, October 23, 2009


Hello! I wanted to share some photos that we took last weekend for homecoming. I have been so busy this week with pt and just getting back to the normal everyday life that I haven't even thought about updating my blog. Guess even though I say I am going to get better about blogging, really it is the last thing on my list and if I happen to get some extra time to blog then I will, if not then it is neglected. Sad, but true!Last weekend we had unseasonably cold weather for our area where we live, like 38 for the low and 50 for the high...maybe even mid 40's. It was homecoming for my daughter's high school. We went to the game Friday night and sat out in the cold. It was really hard on my still healing hand, apparently it does not like cold weather! Go figure! We managed to make it through and enjoy our game and our loss. As much as you can enjoy losing! So Saturday night was the dance for the school, we spent the day getting ready...
went and got our nails done, had lunch, went to a few stores to get last minute items, lotions, undergarments, gel shoe inserts for the insanely high heals Miranda insisted on wearing! Came home by 2pm and proceeded to get ready, I even did a little fluffing of the hair, good practice for my healing hand! We then had to go outside i n the freezing weather and take photos, too bad you can't tell in the photos that their teeth were chattering! This is Miranda's last homecoming, I am so excited for her to be a senior, it is just such a big milestone in life. Most parents are sad, but not me I know that there are bigger and better things to come for her! She will be so much more than what she was in high school, it is just such a small part of her life...of course you can't tell her that now, IT IS HER LIFE! Anyway here are a few of the photos from that evening.
The following photos are my daughter and her bestie, Amanda. They have been friends since kindergarten, they were in Girl Scouts together, she goes on family vacations with us, she babysits for us...she is like our second daughter. I will miss her as much as my own daughter next year when they go to college.

In my sparetime, I made the corsages for the girls and the guys. I use to work in a florist so I learned a thing or 2 about flowers...I have to say it was really challenging not having full strength in my hand yet to make these, but it was only for a night and the girls seemed happy!

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Miranda is so pretty!