Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cheer Goodies!

So I am finally getting around to posting all of my latest stuff I have been working on for cheerleading...I am glad to say that this season is almost finished, it is just pure exhausting! Don't get me wrong I do love creating all of the fun stuff for the girls but I just get overwhelmed with all the other things that I have to do! For the past 2 years I have taken on the job of President of the cheer booster club and team mom for the squads and I think it is just too much! I am stretched so thin with my time and there always seems to be a deadline looming over my head...when I finish one thing I have something else to do! I know that it is not forever but at some point I have to say NO!!! So this year is that time, going forward I plan to only take on 1 job for next season...don't know what that will be but I feel that if I am only doing one thing I can really concentrate on that and not feel so overwhelmed. I bring this on myself by committing to these volunteer positions and over the years I have definitely said NO! I use to be involved in my church teaching, girl scouts, cheerleading, chorus, room mom, and countless other volunteer jobs...so I have to say that I have definitely cut back...what will I do when I don't have little ones home anymore...will I find something else to fill my time? I am sure with all of my hobbies I will find something, or possibly work more at the salon...who knows???
I am just going to trust that God will direct me in the path that I am to take! That is all I can do!

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