Monday, June 22, 2009

Think Beach....

So I am finally posting a new something! I have not had the time lately to devote to posting every day, but I really want to, things just get in the way. I am finally posting about my card I made for my group of card swap was my turn to host it at my house so I was super excited! I picked summer or beach as my theme. I have had my eye on this stamp for about 6 months and couldn't wait to make the cards! I think they are some of my very favorites I have ever made...

Since I was the hostess for June I planned dinner and drinks, I made a yummy Mexican Chicken Casserole and to drink we had blueberry pomegranite martini's. They are so delicious! After dinner I had planned a make n take. A flip flop album, usuing actual flip flop shoes! It turned out so cute. I made each person a kit to put together and many of them choose to take theirs home to work on...hope to see the finished projects soon! Here is mine to share, now all I have to do is add some photos!

I have so much more to share, but will save it for future posts. I have already started working on cards for my group for next month's get together! I was so excited about the theme I wanted to start early!!!
I am enjoying several days at home this week, spending the time crafting when I really need to get things done for cheerleading...but I am just not really interested in that! Maybe tomorrow I will get to that work!
In other news, my hubby is on the job hunt...his company has been hit by the economy and they are closing their sad! He has been there for 11 years! He has several interviews lined up and many look promising, only problem is 2 of them are in Columbus...I really don't want to move, but know that we have to go where the job is! Keep us in your daily prayers that he find something wonderful!
Gotta run, life is happening and I am letting it pass me by!!!

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