Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Girls Night Out

This is the theme for my monthly card swap group for next month...Girls Night Out! So many possibilities! I am so excited about this theme and had tons of ideas floating around in my head. Here are the 5 designs I came up with, but decided I was only going to do 2 cards, usually it is just one, but I just couldn't make up my mind so I went with 2. See if you can pick out which 2 I am reproducing for my ladies in my card swap group.

The card above is showing the bra and panties is actually only one card, the bra is the front and the panties are on the inside...so if you guessed that one then you picked right! Also I am doing the corset one. They are just so girly and fun! I couldn't resist making these cards. They would be make a great invitation for a girls night out!

Can you believe 2 days in a row I am posting on my blog! Shocking I know, but it must be done! I need to get back into and I made a promised that I was going to be a better blogger this year, some weeks I am and other weeks I fall of the face of the earth. But hey, I am trying!!! Wish me luck for tomorrow, hoping my work schedule doesn't get in the way of me posting!

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