Monday, November 15, 2010

A new venture!

I am starting my bad habit again of neglecting my poor little blog! Sorry, just don't find or make the time to type a post everyday. I just think I get so wrapped up in everything else in my life that I forget to take a moment out and just type something...someone might be interested!
Anyway the last couple of weeks have been super busy for me. I think it started the week before Halloween, with costumes to make and parties to attend! Also I have started crocheting necklaces...thought I would be making a few for me and some gifts and it has turned into a new venture. I have been selling them. Actually I can't crochet them fast enough! Pictured below is an example of one.
I sell them for $8 a nceklace and they come in a multitude of colors. They have a bead on the necklace so they are able to extend from 24 inches to 34 inches. Free shipping(on US orders only) on the first necklace order, add .50 cents for every necklace after the first one ordered. Email me if at if you would like to purchase one of these necklaces. Orders can be paid through paypal. Please allow 7 days to complete order.
These are the available colors:
Spring Bouquet
Rainbow-jewel tones
Purple Haze
Saddle Brown/Blue
Rainbow-pastel tones
Fall Harvest
Blue Diamonds
So that is what I have been busy doing! I never expected to get this much response from the necklaces, but am so thankful I have!

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