Monday, September 27, 2010

My first baby themed card!

So excited about this card! I made this card for my monthly card swap group. It is baby themed this month, in honor of one of the ladies that is expecting. We were throwing a surprise shower for her this month and wanted all the cards to go along with the theme. Of course the shower is no longer a surprise because she wanted to dropout due to it being so close to her due date and we had to convince her to stay another month! Anyway my card was an inspiration from one of Julia's cards, she made a card with 6 squares of book paper that she chalked. When I saw her card I immediately thought quilt, so using that idea I made smaller squares of pattern paper, used my sewing machine to stitch around the squares, added the lace and the little animal button (all cards have different animals). Using my cricut I cut the squares, the ovals, and the title. I just loved the oh baby! My card is a little larger than an A2 size so I decided to make the envelope to match, took me watching a few videos on youtube to figure out the envelope I liked the best. In the end the envelope is really easy to make and made me decide that in the future I will probably make envelopes to match my cards. Just adds that something extra!
I am on vacation this week with no big plans, kind of nice having a break! I of course will be planning some crafty time, look for some blog updates! I hope to get a few posts in this week, since I have been a slacker for a while!

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I just adore your card this month for group! The extra special details add such personality. I can't believe how patient you are to sew all those little boxes! And, I'm feeling lucky & loved to be given the card you highligted on your blog (with the piggy)! You're so talented!