Friday, September 17, 2010

I got my crafty on!

So I have been busy doing crafts the past few weeks and really have not even thought about posting to my blog, sorry that I neglect it so much...just not really as committed to it as I thought I would be. I am finding that I have so much more free time now that my daughter is away at college. It is amazing how just one kid leaving the house frees up so much time. Of course since she is only about 40 minutes away she visits often, I think I have seen her at least 1 day out of the weekend the last 3 weeks. One time she didn't come home but I had a hair show about 10 minutes from her dorm so I went to visit. Another time she came home to go to a high school football game, she quickly realized that it was different going to a game after you graduate. Maybe she will finally get that high school is really overrated!!!! Once you have been there and done that there is no sense in going back!

Here is a project that I made for my daughter for her dorm room. I really enjoyed cutting all the ribbon and flowers out and then layering them on this wreath.

I bought a wire wreath from Hobby Lobby in the floral department, measuring 12 inches. I used my cricut to cut the flowers, cutting several different layers and using different pattern papers. The ribbons were cut at 7 inches and tied them around the outside and inside wire rings, leaving the center 2 empty so that I could layer the flowers on. After assembling the layers of flowers I went through my brad and button stash and found some matching ones to add more depth to the flowers. Glued it all on, added a ribbon to hang it, called it done. Really am pleased with how it turned out. The finished piece measures about 17 inches. The best part was my daughters reaction to it when I brought it to her. She was so excited...I have been planning to make small gifts for her on occasion this school year. I know she will like them and it is a great and easy way to decorate her dorm room.

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Lenae said...

This is awesome! I have been thinking about doing something similar for my df's mother who is a nursing home! Your's turned out beautiful!