Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The reason I am so slack with my blog!

Until now I have not been ready to tell my story...actually I am not ready now, but I think it is time.  I have neglected my blog for far too long and this is why!
On January 2, 2012 I began a journey!  One that would forever change my life.  At the time I had no idea that it would change my life they way it has but looking back just 8 months ago I have come a long way.  It all started with a gift and a conversation. My hubby gave me a fit bit for Christmas, it is a little pedometer type thing that syncs with the computer and keeps track of your steps, miles, floors climbed, activity level, and calories burned.  I did not ask for anything like this for Christmas but he must have known that I was looking for some way to get healthy.  I am sure he has heard me talk to my friends about my lack of activity and how I needed to get motivated.  That alone was not motivation enough, my friend Julia convinced me through text messages and casual conversation to join Weight Watchers. I decided that might not be a bad idea...over the years I have gradually gained weight and never did it bother me until now.  Feeling sick and tired all the time was not how someone at the age of 39 should feel.  I had always said that if my health became an issue I would lose the weight, well it was not really my health but it was how I felt most of the time...little things made me so tired and I just did not want to feel this way anymore.  So I set out to find a meeting location that both Julia and I could attend.  We found one that met on Monday mornings and thus our "Monday's together" began.  The first one of the year was of course the day after New Years day.  I am not one for "New years resolutions", they are too cliche for me, but we might as well start the year off right and join Weight Watchers on the first day of January.  And so began the journey, and what a ride it has been and is continuing to be! The first meeting was a bust, they had changed the Monday 12pm meeting to Thursday's but forgot to publish the change, needless to say they had a "full house with no real meeting planned.  The receptionist said no problem, she would do an impromptu meeting  on the spot and then find us other meeting times during the week that we could attend and that worked with our schedule. I was so overwhelmed with all the paperwork they hand you that first day...OMG was it too much!  I decided not to give up before trying and to just take this first week slow!  Well to my surprise the first week was much easier than I would have thought, and I found myself eating way more food than I would on a typical day. As weeks turned into months the plan got easier and easier, I find myself really loving everything about Weight Watchers, I look forward to getting up and going to my Monday morning meetings, seeing all the familiar faces and knowing I am not alone on this weight loss journey.  I have lost almost 42 lbs in the last 8 months and would like to continue to lose more, not sure of my exact goal weight yet, but I know that I am feeling better and better everyday.  That girl that once was so sick and tired is long gone!  I have more energy than I ever thought I could have!  I am so happy that I took control of this part of my life and am making positive changes that will help me be a better me!
Here are a before and after photo.  The first one was taken on January 2, 2012 and the second one was taken September 3, 2012, exactly eight months apart.

I still have the "fat girl" feeling many days and have a hard time really seeing the weight loss, but I do know that I look smaller, wear smaller clothes, and overall feel better.  I am a work in progress and will continue to work on losing that "fat girl" mentality!  I am just doing it!!!
Don't give up on me and my blog, I will be back with more crafty stuff to share!  I just have to learn to balance my dinner planning, workout, and crafty time better...then to figure out how to blog about all of it!!!

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MKJulia2000@yahoo.com said...

What an amazing journey we have been on. THank you for motivating me when I couldn't put one foot in front of the other. With out your support I certainly would have failed. However, together we are doing it. And, doing it right! Monday will be an important day for us! 50 pounds here we come!! I am so proud of YOU!!!