Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's a New year, a new dawn, a new me!

Weight Watchers here I come!  Big news for me is I joined Weight Watchers!  I am really excited to go on this journey and am excited about making better choices and getting healthy!  40 is just around the corner for me and it is now or never!  I gotta do it!
I took a photo of myself on Sunday to start documenting where I started and where I will end up.  It is not a full body shot, but you get the point!
I have even decided that I will journal my journey using a Smash book...think it is so good to write it down, makes you more accountable.  Not only am I watching what I eat but adding exercise in to the program.  Starting off slow and easy.  Trying to get something in everyday, for now it is steps and my kinect dance game. Soon I will be using my wii fit too.  Gonna try and do it at home instead of a gym...I do not like treadmills in general and find that dancing is fun for me!  So hopefully I will dance the pounds off!!!

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Elisabeth said...

Yeah for you!!! You can do it - good luck