Friday, July 22, 2011

My break lasted weeks!

I got so busy after my trip to the mountains I never got back into blogging! That is the story of my life really, sometimes I get so wrapped up in other things that something else gets pushed to the back burner. I am sure that is how all people are, but for me I want balance. That is a struggle I have everyday...BALANCE! I want to balance fun with work, time spent with the kids and hubby, chores needing to be done, etc. When I think of balance I get a little overwhelmed and then have to realize that I can not be everything to everyone, cannot do everything for everyone. It is normal for people to need breaks from the everyday life and some can last longer than others! So the past few weeks have just been a mental break for me. I have continued to craft, actually craft more than usual...See all the pages below that I accomplished! I won a challenge at for the page titled Celebrate. It was the first time I have ever won a challenge, it was kind of exciting! So in a way I was busy this month, just busy doing other things!

Sorry to bombard you with a picture heavy post but I wanted you to see that I have been doing things, just not a priority to blog. I am not going to promise I will blog more often because every time I do that I feel guilty when I don't actually do it. I do however have several more projects to share so I will be back with those!

1 comment: said...

You have been very busy creating! Even on your break! Maybe allowing yourself the time to breathe made space for your creative self to take shape. Your LO"s are inspiring. And, congratulations on winning the contest!!