Thursday, October 28, 2010

Filling my time with Jewelry

So this will be another quick post from me, but it will be photo heavy. I have been trying my hand at bottle cap necklaces and are loving the results. Some are better than others but I just wanted to try it out and get an idea of how to make them then I will start getting more detailed. I found that using glossy accents is great to seal the image but sometimes it leaves air bubbles, so another product that was sitting in my scrap closet is 3d crystal lacquer. I must have got it from a stamp show in the area and never used it. Well it works perfectly, no air bubbles, dries quickly, crystal clear. Think I will use this from this point forward when making the necklaces. I also am experimenting with photoshop elements to make images...I thought about purchasing them but realized I could easily make my own and set forth doing that. Unfortunately I don't all that much time to play around so the only images I have created are the ones for my daughters matching sorority necklaces, seen the first image below. The others are a combination of scrapbook paper, rubons, or stickers.
Gotta go, this post ended up longer than I thought it would be!

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Elisabeth said...

This jewelery is fantastic!!!!