Monday, May 25, 2009


Just thought I would share some of my latest cards that I made over the weekend for all my daughters friends. I got the inspiration for this card from somewhere on the internet, if I could remember I would give credit, but it is not an exact copy so it is just slightly similar.
Below is a mini paper bag purse album that I made as a gift for one of my daughter's friends, I included photos that span the last 12 years they have been friends...I made 2 others that are just paper bag albums but I forgot to take photos of them! UGH!
The past several weeks have been so busy and hectic...I am definitely glad that summer vacation is beginning! We have a few plans but for the most part we are spending the summer at home enjoying being here! I do have 2 beach trips planned, one for work next weekend and the next one with my Girl Scouts for our last big trip before 3 of them head to college! As a family we will be spending time at our camper, we were suppose to go to San Francisco but plans fell through for that trip, oh well, maybe next Summer!
I have been spending some time this week just relaxing and catching up on TV shows, I am sad because over the summer there is not much on TV to watch...but it does force me to spend some time outdoors...of course it has been raining so much we can't do that!
I am usually doing some gardening and planting this time of year, but I have just not been in the mood this year...finances are not overflowing so I am opting to not plant many annuals, actually I haven't decided if I will plant any this year..sad but true! I just need some grass to grow in my yard...we have 3 bradford pear trees and they provide great shade, but Bermuda grass cannot survive in the shade so now we mow is lovely...gotta make a plan to grow some grass!!!
I think I should focus my attention this year on grass and not flowers...of course the flowers are much prettier! Wish me luck, I have such a hard time growing stuff in the south, it was much better when I lived in England.
Gotta get back to the family, they are hovering over me wanting my attention!

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