Sunday, November 25, 2007

My first blog

Wow! I guess I have started my very first blog! Can't say I have anything interesting going on in my life, just that I am extremely busy with lots of activities. I just thought I would finally agree with my husband and start a blog. Some people may find it entertaining to read about my crazy life!

For starters this week while out of town we had a water leak from the water line on the fridge. Needless to say we have water everywhere and now we have 4 very loud fans and 2 dehumidifiers that are guests in our home for 3 days! What fun it is to scream over the noise, but the hope is those fans will dry up the water in the floors! My hardwood floors, only 3 years old and we now have big problems with warp! Guess we will be rearranging the house soon when they start the repairs. Just what I need more work added to my already busy load. Today I will spend unpacking from a week away and starting laundry, cleaning the horribly messing son's room(when I am gone, he destroys) and maybe getting a little scrapping in.

I really want to be getting out all of my Christmas decortions, but with the leak that will have to wait a week till the water is dried up. Too much chaos in the Goswick home!!! I want to go out of town again, it was easier that way!

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